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Launched Rogowski Coils meet UL61010-1 or ETL

Series of Rogowski Coils meet the UL61010-1 and ETL certificates

ECHUN Electronic Co Ltd announced that they has released ERC series of flexible Rogowski coil current transformer approved by the ETL certificate.

They can be opened and are flexible for ease of installation around bus bars and multiple conductors. The ERC series has excellent Linearity, low phase angle error, all the flexible Rogowski coils are certificated to UL61010-1, UL61010-2-032, CSA 22.2 # 61010-1 and CSA 22.2 #61010-2-032 which is comply with ETL certificates.

ECHUN has 2 major series of products, the thinner coil type and the thicker coil type.

The models for the thinner coil are: ERC40-xx, ERC55-xx, ERC80-xx and ERC105-xx, the window diameters of 1.5 inch (40mm), 2.1 inch (55mm), 3.1 inch (80mm), 4.1 inch (105mm). Rated amps from 400Amp to 2000Amp.

The models for the thicker coil are: ERC120-xx, ERC190-xx and ERC305-xx, the window diameters of 4.7 inch (120mm), 7.4 inch (190mm) and 12 inch (305mm). Rated amps from 1000A mp to 6000Amp

 ¡®As a leading current transformer manufacturer, ECHUN always focus on the high grade of current transformer products, as the new NFPA70 standard (US National Electrical Code) is adopted the demand for the higher safety standard products is going up, we are now working on a full product roadmap to cover more market demand.¡¯ Said Mr. John Gates, director of marketing for Echun Electronic Co Ltd

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John Gates (Director of Sales & Marketing)

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